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18 February 2014


Hi D,

This happens when an anonymous bind is performed. Responder is trying to force an authentication.

What causes responder to give the error "[LDAP]Operation not supported" ?

Well funny story, but in November 2013 (reference ms15955) I sent this exact bug to Microsoft informing them that the WPAD protocol does not obey the security settings defined in IE and auto responds to NTLM requests in a manner which it should not. I also provided them with 2 solutions to the problem which could be implemented in AD as well as the WPAD protocol itself. This would also solve the verification of the wpad.dat response.

Microsoft responded by saying that this type of attack would require "significant" exploitation of the network prior to a successful attack, and they recommend clients use kerberos tokens. This is kinda funny because we all know that everything falls back to NTLM if the connect is to an IP and not a hostname, right?

So there, Microsoft says your tool is moot.

BTW, I will use your tool instead of mine, cause its prettier, and has green text on a black terminal. Like a #manshell

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