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19 December 2013


Joomla takes security seriously, and extensions listed in the Joomla Extension Directory are vetted for security.
If a security vulnerability is discovered, those extensions wind up on the securities vulnerabilities list that Joomla maintains.
The Big W does not maintain a resource such as this.
In its newest release 3.3, Joomla has gone to bcrypt hashing of passwords and has 2 factor authenticaiton.
Of the major CMS systems, Joomla is likely the most secure. Cert / Nist has very few vulnerabilities to report for Joomla or its extensions. The leading competitors cannot report the same, nor do they have the extensive features that Joomla has 'out of the box'. Each one of those unmonitored plugins is a potential security disaster.
Joomla is by far and away the security leader of the CMS systems.

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