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10 October 2013


@OwneD give me a call or WhatsApp me 18762892896,,,email me franklinmary113(at)gmail(dot)com

i want this software or want to learn a little how to use this software , thanks

I have the last version of Ploutus. Got it from a mexican friend. If anybody interested then add me on skype: p0iz0ner.

Hello Josh,

Can you tell me if possible when you will figure out something for me? I sent you an e-mail four days ago so I wonder what you are doing with my request.

Thank you!

Hey Anton,

Thanks for the kind words. Please feel free to reach out to me at jgrunzweig [at] trustwave [dot] com and I'll see what I can do.


Hello Josh!

I'm doing a presentation for my Computer Science Class when we come back in September about Financial Security. I found this article and wonder if you can by any way send any parts of the code to me so that I can use it in the presentation?(I can decompile the code if you send the exe but I have doubts). As I obviously do not want people to think I will use it for any other purpose (what the code is meant to be used for), could you please help me with this? Thank you and well done article!

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