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30 September 2013


This works if you are familiar with Kali. I've created the only tutorial for beginners that gets rid of the kernel headers error! Check it out here:

You're welcome, I'm glad I could helped. Merry Christmas!!!

Thanks for the script fix! This worked perfectly! I don't think some folks get it. Even if you follow the install instructions to the tee, you are going to get the kernel header error message. I was holding my breathe the entire time during the install. Thank you much as I am now rocking and rolling with VMware tools on Kali now! You have got to post this to the official Kali Linux site. There's a lot of rabbit hole bad info out there about this issue. Merry Christmas!!

EDIT, is the link I meant to post for kali Linux VMware tools installation.

Cool post, but for you newbies out there, I suggest going to a simpler one. This one should do the trick:

Thanks for pointing that out! The idea here was more to show some debugging basics, which I think could be useful for any Linux distributions or VMware Tools versions.

Alternatively, you could have just gone and read the official documentation at :

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