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26 August 2013


Thank you for the great overview on how to add Fake robots.txt Disallow Entries. If possible can you suggest a best book for Modsecurity. Also I would like to share a site, a friend of mine used this site and just want your suggestions if any of you guys used their web application firewall.

you´re missing a "t"
(Dynamically Updating the robots.tx <- there ;) file)

Rishi - I would suggest sending an email to the ModSecurity community mail-list -

Thanks for the article. I tried the something like this, couple of weeks back, but wasn't able to 'append'. Even though I get the log for the hit, but it just doesn't append the pattern. Tried with different patterns but no use :/

Any help on common error(s) or misconfigurations? I double checked -
SecContentInjection On
SecStreamOutBodyInspection On


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