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07 March 2013


Thanks for your comments, Marco. Between building the flow of my presentation, writing the script, to the demo (which was custom made by SpiderLabs Research for me), to the actual slides and rehearsal, I spent about 4 weeks preparing for this talk.

The bulk of the rehearsals where done on own in my office doing run-throughs of the talk and visualizing the transitions and how I would talk on the stage in my head. I did this about 20 times.

The actual on-stage rehearsal was just an hour the day of the talk. I was shown how to get on and off the stage, where the demo station, and the chairs for the interview would be placed. I was then given 30 minutes to do a complete on-stage run-through.

Doing a live demo can be risky, but I always use VMs with known good snapshots. I also have learned to never many ANY changes to your live demo environment before your talk. The chance of something going wrong will skyrocket if you do.

I have to agree. This was one of my favorite keynotes at a security conference ever. It had a very nice flow and even with 3 different sections it didn't feel overloaded. As said on twitter before, having a live demo was a pretty ballsy move but it totally paid off. How much time would you say did you spend preparing this keynote? It felt effortless, but that usually means there is a lot of preparation.

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