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17 December 2012


Thanks for this tutorial, Ryan. Looking forward to the others!

As a newb, I got stuck with the error:
Could not set variable "ip.malicious_client" as the collection does not exist

After some checking through the ModSecurity reference docs, I found that INITCOL is needed to initialize the IP collection. I placed this just above the first of the two phase:2 rules for tagging malicious clients:

SecAction phase:1,id:116,nolog,pass,initcol:ip=%{REMOTE_ADDR}

And it works now.

If you are are using the OWASP ModSecurity CRS the setup config file checks for those proxy headers -

You could update the rules to check TX:REAL_IP instead of REMOTE_ADDR.

Hi Ryan,
What can You do use X-Forwarded-For Http header instead of the IP address when the suspicious trafic comes from a proxy (or Akamai like Internet service)?

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