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01 October 2012


I was actually able to screw it into the plastic tip of the marker. I created the thread as I screwed it in, so it worked out perfectly. :)

I would really like to see the complete parts list and where to get them ;)

A few things.. 1.) would you do a video of the actual assembly of the device.. 2.) would you be willing to sell the parts in a kit or fully assembled.. I would love to buy it.. 3.) what about selling just the pre-programmed atmega?


I would also like clarification about Drucem's comment. How did u mount the barrel connector? Is it just set in place and glued?

Any reason why this wouldn't work with an attiny85?? Also: did you buy the lock on ebay, or somewhere else?

You can find response to your questions with the following procedure:
Look at the schematic.
The leftmost component is the battery.
Search o google: a23 battery.
Click on the first result.
My pleasure.

Very Cool. The picture shows two objects wired to the circuit board. Can I assume that these are the battery and power switch? (Those were the only components not accounted for on the breadboard.

Also, your instructions say it has to use an ATMega328. Is there something in this that requires the ATMega328 (speed, memory?), or can I use a different Arduino provided I make the appropriate adjustments to the used pins?

I'm using a higher voltage battery. It's the A23 which is rated at 12v. I was also able to use a 6v in place of the 12v, but I forget the model of it. If I remember it I'll be sure to post it here.

Excellent work! Are you using a AA battery and converting up or using a higher voltage battery and converting down?

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