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27 September 2012


Blubbfiction & Trevor: You are right, I was not aware that Burp's macros could do this when I started working on this extension. The main advantage to the approach I'm taking is ease of use and less setup work -- you will not need to keep rules, you just select one or more anti-CSRF parameters from a source URL, and their values will be properly populated when used together with Intruder.

If Burp Extender offered a way to interface with the macro functionality, then I would probably turn this into an easier interface for the current implementation. At least we will have a nice description on how to extend Burp using the Extender, or so I hope. :)

Blubbfiction is right, this can all be done with session handling rules and macros. What added benefit does your tool provide?

What is the advantage to burps session handling rules?

Go way, use "recursive grep".

Fantastish. I love it, well done guys. keep it up

damn grt.. keep it up.. :)

Good stuff, burp should integrate antixsrf on intruder by default.

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