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07 May 2012


The biggest problem of these rants is that they come from people stuck in the old days of PHP. They either don't care or they don't want to admit that PHP actually evolves at a very fast pace, both at the language level but also at the community level. In fact, it evolves much faster than any other language or web platform. It has not always been the case, but the last 5 years have been an amazing journey for PHP.

nice info..

All is good now.. odd but all good.

Sure like to reproduce this, but I must be missing something. Got PHP going as a CGI and I still reproduce this.
Would like to know what I'm missing...
Nice post tho :)

"Additionally, major sites like, and many others were vulnerable up until early Friday morning."

I work on security at Facebook, and AFAIK we were never vulnerable at all. We're a bit past PHP-CGI at our current scale. If you're thinking of, I'd suggest you look a little closer :-).

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