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04 February 2012


Hi. Since you acknowledged your error in issuing a certificate to a not-trustworthy company would you be so kind to name the firm and every certificate you granted, so i am able to remove these certificates from my certificate lists? Best regards

The original sale of this cert was irresponsible, but it sounds like you've fixed the issue and it's nice to see you voluntarily coming clean about the mistake. That said, you should give your "peers" a chance to fix their mistakes as well and then out them if they don't... it's the right thing to do.

Thank you for the clarification and corrections; the original statement made the situation sound worse than it evidently is (referring to 'roots' and 'organizations' in the plural, for example). I am curious, though, about one point in this explanation. You say that you've revoked the certificate and the service is 'effectively' over; is the actual proxy now shut down?

I'm also very curious about the statement that this is a 'common practice' of 'many of [y]our peers', but I'm sure you will not be able to comment on that. . .

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